What are the Black Spots in my patio? 

The black spots in your patio are actually a living organism called lichen which can also be found on plants and trees. This is how they actually get to your patio from dispersing from these plants and trees in millions of spores. The black spots will usually show up on your patio after about 3 years when the lichen spores have fully germinated. 

What are the white spots in my drive? 

The white spots in your drive the same as black spots are also lichen. Lichen unlike moss and algae actually penetrate the surface this is why they are harder to remove. Although white lichen is not as difficult to remove as black lichen, it still requires a high power pressure washer to remove it. 

Is re-sanding block paving a necessity? 

Yes we would not clean a drive without re-sanding it afterwards. This is because the kiln dried sand is necessary to keep the structure of the paving rigid and strong, to stop water ingress, stop the paving from moving and becoming loose and helps prevent weed growth. 

Is sealing my patio or drive a necessity? 

Although a lot of people do not have their drive/patio sealed once cleaned, it is highly beneficial. If you want to get longevity out of your drive/patio and want to stop weed and lichen growth then sealer is definitely the answer. People spend a lot of money installing a drive and/or a patio to their property so it only makes sense to protect and sustain such an investment. The Joint stabilising sealer we use on block paving hardens the joints making it harder for weeds to penetrate through the sand. 

How often should I get my drive/patio cleaned? 

Every drive/patio area is different. Variables such as where the drive/patio is situated and the amount of traffic it gets can affect how quickly the area gets dirty, so it is hard to say exactly how often they should be cleaned. I would recommend a least every two years because on the third year you will really start to see heavy lichen and weed growth. Of Course sealer is always the best option if you want your drive/patio looking cleaner for longer. 

How often should I get my gutters cleaned? 

Most companies would recommend every 6 months of the year because within that time there can be a lot of build up in the gutters of various debris causing blockages. If your house is near a lot of trees then it could be wise to get them checked more regularly because there is an increased chance of leaves and small twigs falling into the gutters. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly will help prevent any unneeded damage from overflowing water. 

Can a pressure washer remove paint and oil stains? 

Before anything else it should be said that as soon as anything is spilled on your drive/patio it should be treated as quickly as possible. Most paint spillages can be removed if they are not left too long and although a pressure washer cannot completely remove oil stains it will highly reduced the visibility. We are able however to apply various products to the oil stains to get them removed. 

Will a pressure washer remove the grouting from my patio? 

Has moss eaten into the grouting? Was the grouting done poorly causing it to be weak? Is it at the end of its life? The chances are a pressure washer will remove it. However that would only be revealing something that would have to be redone at some point in the future, because any grouting that has been done properly would easily be able to withstand a pressure washer. Don’t worry if you need any re grouting work done we will be able to help you. 
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