Alpha Exterior Cleaning Services prides itself on getting customer patios and driveways as clean as can be. There is only so much a house hold pressure wash can do, the embedded black spots are even too much for a high power engine pressure washer that professional companies use.  
Alpha Exterior Cleaning however ensures to remove 99% of all patio black spots! We also offer drive and patio sealing, gutter & UPVC cleaning services and more. 
My aim is to achieve results that are beyond my customers expectations.  
This is why I carry out all the work myself to insure the Job is done properly.  
There is no better feeling for me than having a satisfied customer.” 


Patio black spot removal 
The highest quality of patio cleaning you can get. We promise to remove them unsightly black spots for you. Why not get your patio looking like new again? 
Brick work & Stone cleaning 
After a while brick work and walls can attract a lot of dirt and grime. Once cleaned they really do brighten up the whole area around them. We also can bring the stone work on your house back to its original colour. 
Drive cleaning 
Our high powered pressure washer ensures any moss, weeds and white spots are completely removed from your driveway. Once the Joints are completely moss and weed free we will re-sand the paving at no extra cost. 
Garden furniture 
If you spend a lot of time in your garden then it would makes sense to get your garden furniture cleaned as well. Once pressure washed they really do look like new. 
Drive and patio sealing 
Why not preserve and give your drive/patio longevity by getting it professionally sealed? Sealing will keep your paving dirt and weed free for longer. 
We can get your decking looking like new again and at the same time remove that layer of grime that turns your decking into an ice rink after a little rainfall. 
Gutter and UPVC cleaning 
Get the moss and leaves removed from your guttering at just £30 a side! We also clean any dirt and grime that your UPVC has attracted. 
Render Cleaning 
Using a professionally trained, and experienced exterior cleaning company, means you get an expert who understand the way to clean your render on your outside walls alongside protecting the surface at the same time. 
Roof Cleaning 
We use a still brush and manually remove the moss, algae, leaves or lichen. It is a longer process, but the results are excellent, and we remove all the waste build up off the roof, clean the gutters and check the downpipes are free flowing. 
Spray Foam Removal 
Is unwanted spray foam making your life a hassle? Our professional spray foam removal service is here to help. We will tackle any size project, from small attics to sprawling commercial spaces, leaving your property clean, safe, and ready for the next chapter. 


Alpha Exterior Cleaning Services work throughout Berkshire, Bucks and Surrey including towns such as:  
Wokingham, Beaconsfield, Woking, Camberley, The Chalfonts, Maidenhead, Henley-on -Thames, Guildford, Reading, Esher, Walton-on-Thames and more. 


Really impressed by the service and fantastic results from this company! The paving stones look like new and even the stubborn black spots have been removed. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. 
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