We know how dissatisfying it can be seeing your property overrun with dirt, grime and weeds etc. This is why the services displayed are carried out at the highest possible standard. Alpha work to achieve results beyond the expectation of our customers to get their property looking new again. 
Patio black spot removal 
We offer the highest quality of patio cleaning you can get, we wouldn’t want you to pay for a results you could achieve yourself. This is why we guarantee to remove the black spots in your patio. Other companies might get your patio looking clean, but we get your patio looking like new!  
There are many different thoughts on what the black spots are. They are actually lichen that feed off the minerals within the patio spreading and embedding year by year causing them to get harder to remove. We know how depressing it can be to look out into your garden and see your once new patio full of grime and spots even after it has been pressure washed.  
This is why we offer a professional patio cleaning service that goes the extra mile to get your patio just that 20% cleaner than what a Pressure washer alone could achieve. That 20% makes all the difference giving your dull looking patio area a new lease of life brightening the whole garden. Why have a half a Job done when Alpha Pressure Washing can get your patio looking like it did when it was first laid? Just check out the before and after pictures they really do just speak for themselves. 
Drive cleaning 
Our high powered diesel pressure washer is just the right tool for job when it comes to drive cleaning. We know that cleaning your drive way yourself can be a lengthy and definitely messy process when using a household pressure washer and even after the results can be quite disappointing.For example uneven and inconsistent cleaning pattern, many weeds still left between the joints and white spots still visible afterwards being left to ask yourself was it really worth your time and all the mess.  
Alpha Pressure Washing however guarantees to give your drive way a consistent clean completely removing any moss, weeds and white spots. But what about all the sand that were between the Joints? You might ask. Well after we have made the joints of your drive way completely moss and weed free, we will re-sand all the joints for you free of charge within the pricing.  
Giving your drive way the look of how it was when it was first laid and all for a reasonable price. Leaving you to wonder why you ever bothered to clean your driveway your self previously. 
Drive and patio sealing 
If you want to preserve your drive/patio and keep its clean and weed free look for longer, then you should definitely consider having it professionally sealed. A lot of our customers opt for this service after they have been so happy with results of how their patio/driveway has come up and are desperate to keep it in that condition for as long as possible.  
Alpha Pressure washing offer two types off sealer. A high solid colour enhancing sealer which is best suited for block paving because as well as protecting the brick it hardens the sanded joints making it harder for weeds to grow, and a water based sealer better suited for patios which is clear drying and sinks into the patio, both preserving each of its suited area.  
Why not apply the finishing touch after having your drive/patio professionally cleaned? Any area new or old benefits so much from sealer, saving a lot of time and even money in the long run because you don’t need to have it cleaned as regularly. 
Gutter and UPVC cleaning 
Alpha Pressure Washing offer manual cleaning of both gutters and any UPVC. If your guttering is filled with any moss, leaves or dare I say it... even Plants or if there is a blockage in any of your down pipes then give us a call. Using long reach poles to access any hard to reach places we will get your guttering system smoothly cycling water through as it was intended to be.  
We know how frustrating it is to have over flowing water this is why we offer a price of only £30 a side! Grime anywhere is a nuisance but when it is on UPVC areas of your home then it is even more so. White UPVC especially attracts a lot of dirt and grime after a while giving the house a kind of dull and unkept Appearance.  
However once cleaned these areas can really lighten up the look of your home and at low cost it is a real cost effective way to improve the first impressions of your home.We can seal any small leaks however we do not do any gutter repairs/replacement or clean any guttering that is 3 stories high. 
The problem when decking gets full of dirt and grime is not just the lack of appeal to the eye but also how extremely slippery it can become. The layer of grime on top can turn your patio area from decking to something closer to an ice rink with just a bit of rainfall!  
This can be a serious safety hazard especially for small children or the elderly. Alpha Pressure Washing can remove this layer of grime and get your decking looking new again using our pressure washer or a soft wash solution depending on the area. Our soft wash solution also preserves the decking keeping it looking new and slip free for longer.  
There isn’t much that looks better than a natural wooden decking area on a property when it has been professionally cleaned and given new life. We do not Re-stain or change the colour of the decking. 
Brick work & Stone cleaning 
Brick work usually takes slightly longer to attract dirt and grime in comparison to a drive way or a patio. However if left long enough it is capable of turning to black and greenish colours which makes any building or wall look unappealing and unkept. Brick work is probably the most satisfying to pressure wash because of the enormous contrast in colour from before and after.  
If your wall or brick work has reached this stage of dirt and grime then you have probably forgotten how clean it can be, but if you look at the pictures of our work you can see how you can get your brick work back to its original colour and really brighting up the whole area.  
We also clean the stone finishing and pillars on housing that yearly attracts quite a lot of dirt and grime. It looks great once cleaned because of the enormous contrast from black and green back to its original bright stone colour. 
Garden furniture 
Garden furniture is often expensive, so it would make sense to keep it looking as new as you can. After the winter garden furniture can often attract a lot of dirt and grime completely changing it’s colour.  
The best thing about garden furniture is that no matter how dirty it gets it will always when cleaned go back to its original colour. If you spend a lot of time out in your garden then it would definitely make sense to get your garden furniture looking like new again. If your getting you patio cleaned why not get the furniture cleaned also? 


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