The importance of keeping your roof clean 
There are several reasons you should regularly check that your roof is free from leaves, algae or moss and this applies to both commercial premises as well as domestic homes: 
Moss absorbs water creating additional weight on your roof, this can create pressure on the timbers. 
The moss, algae and dirt can act as a barrier to the roof tiles drying out after rain, leaving the tiles damp and this can potentially cause internal damp. 
If the moss is left on the roof for significant periods of time, the moisture can cause cracks and internal leaking 

Heavy downpours are becoming the norm. 

If you have a build up of moss on your roof, sudden heaving downpours of rain, can shift the moss and create blockages in the gutters and downpipes. If this is ignored, the moss will settle in the gutters and the water can no longer drain away. 
This can create the water to rush off the roof and spill over the gutter, or push the water back into the roof, creating damp and the fascias can rot if they are still wood. 

Maintaining your roof can help keep up the value of your property 

If you are thinking of selling your property, a surveyor will pick up a roof with moss and raise this as part of the report back to the purchaser. Having your roof cleaned prior to putting it on the market will avoid any unnecessary negotiation. 

Can you clean your roof yourself? 

We would not recommend you attempt to clean you own roof. you need to be competent in the use of ladders, comfortable to work at heights and understand the structure of the roof, to ensure you don’t do any damage to your slates or tiles. We use specialist ladders that allow us to access the roof. 

We use the traditional method and manually cleaning the roof with a stiff brush 

We strongly advise against using pressure washers on your roof, they can cause the roof to deteriorate by removing the surface of the tiles, which are designed to take years of wear and tear. You can also cause the felt under the roof to split as the pressure of the water can cause rips. It is a very quick method but not one we would advise you using. 
Book with us, and let us look after your roof. 
We use a still brush and manually remove the moss, algae, leaves or lichen. It is a longer process, but the results are excellent, and we remove all the waste build up off the roof, clean the gutters and check the downpipes are free flowing. 
We can work on properties up to three stories in height, using our safe system of ladders. Our expert roof cleaners are competent in cleaning slate roof, cleaning tiled roofs and also cleaning commercial roofs. 
Applying an antifungal agent to help your roof remain clean 
We apply a tried and testing chemical product to your roof, after the manual removal of the moss buildup. This will help keep your roof clean for up to 4 years depending on your location. Damper areas, or properties in woodland areas, can have less than 4 years. 

Quick tips to checking your roof 

Drains overflowing off the roof 
Water spilling over the top of the gutter 
Ugly algae or moss building up on the roof 
After a downpour moss can be on the ground under the gutters 
Contact us today to have a free quote 
We can give you and estimate price if you are able to send over photos and give us a rough size of the roof. 


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