What is rendering on a house? 
Render is a plaster finish on the exterior walls of your home, it is used to protect your brickwork from the elements and gives a smooth finish to the exterior walls on your property. 
Rendering can be applied to the exterior walls using a tinted colour plaster or you can paint the rendered surface with the colour of your choice. 
Maintaining the colour of the render will over time require the rendering to be cleaned. Keeping the exterior walls looking clean will help to maintain the value of your property. 

Rendering on a commercial property 

Property developers often use a rendered surface on their commercial buildings, it gives a clean modern finish and is easy to maintain. 
If your property is under 4 stories, Alpha Exterior Cleaning can access your commercial building and clean the rendered walls using their long brush system of cleaning. 

What is Biofilm? 

Biofilms are layers of micro-organisms which live on a surface on the rendered walls. They thrive in damp conditions and create ugly green or black stains on the rendering on your property. 
Biofilm is not only aesthetically unpleasant it can also potentially case deterioration of the surface its living on. 

Is your render looking dirty - Do you want that clean "new" look back again? 

Alpha Exterior Cleaning have the answer! 
Without the use of a pressure washer, we apply our K Rend approved Algo Clear Softwash. This Softwash does its job on the biofilm by puncturing the microorganisms cell walls killing any green algae withing minutes. 

Algo Clear is applied using a softwash pole to protect your exterior rendered walls 

Using Algo clear cleaning products doesn’t interact with the mineral components of the render or damaging the colour and surface. Although we use high powered pressure washers to clean drives and patios, they are too powerful for the cleaning of render and can cause damage. 
Therefore, we opt to Softwash render instead as recommended by most rendering companies. It is the safest and most beneficial to your render. 

Let the experts keep your rendering looking like new 

We use the recommended brushes on the long poles to gentle apply the Algo Clear Softwash. We are trained in the use of the equipment to maximize the impact of the chemicals. Using a professionally trained, and experienced exterior cleaning company, means you get an expert who understand the way to clean your render on your outside walls alongside protecting the surface at the same time. 
Ask our expert Edward to inspect your roof while he is on site, and provide you with a free quotation to get your roof cleaned. Edward uses the same professional cleaning applicators as he uses to clean the render on you walls. 
To book a free inspection please contact us today to book in with Edward directly. 


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